Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Once Upon A Time,the Little RJMZ Starts Fasting...


I still remember when I was a kid. It was Ramadhan and my mum told me to start the thing that I’d never been done it-fasting. That was the first time I start fasting and since that time, I never left any days of Ramadan without fasting and it was still like that until today, praise to God. My memories remembered me to my experience of fasting in Ramadan including tarawih prayer. I realized that the others may have experience like me too. But starting something new is not easy. By the way, this is very important, the third commandment of being a Muslim-fasting in Ramadan.

But nowadays, we can see it’s very different from the old times, where all people still conceiving the gift from Allah and deservation of being discontented of The Almighty’s command. It is unfortunately to see that our community especially teenagers had forgot their responsibility as being a Muslim. It is really upset us as a part of Muslim community. Sometimes I thought, “What Prophet will feel if he is still alive?”

 The orientalists and anti-Islamic organization are trying to condemn Islam by stating that fasting can make human’s body quickly being tired. The statements can’t be accepted logically! I affirmed here that fasting actually can help us to bring a fresh mind throughout the rest of our body’s system activities. When it is in a rest condition, it can lower the pressure and decrease the probability to get disease. 

Ramadan is gold for us and it is a big mistake to left it gone without any effort to improve our connection with Allah. The feel and sadness and grateful had been shown by Saidina Umar Al Khattab who was crying when Ramadan nearing the end. Someone asked, “Why are you crying Umar?” and he replied, “I afraid I can’t face Ramadan for the next year” So, how about us? Still enjoy and thinking our life is long enough? The Hereafter is just around the corner and we don’t know when it will happen. So, our times should be filling with faith and loyalty to Allah. Love Ramadan, leave the inbenefit world matters and we’ll not regret when our death is around the neck. The good ending will be ours.Ameen=)

Heh...the above picture I juz wanna to share about my feveret meal. I love it very much...Especially made by my lovely mum...Hihi...Oke,that's all.Celebrate this Ramadhan with full of devotion to Allah...Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan Kareem! Allahu Akram.