Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Game Begins ~ PERINTIS has Launched

On 8th of May 2011, there was a memorable and historical moment at Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, Insaniah University College. There were be a great moment for us ; The Perintis Opening and Lauching Ceremony. This programme was organised by Foundation Student Association also kown as PERINTIS. Starting from Thursday, all the committe members, try to give the best effort to ensure this programme will be the great one!I'm a part of them. I've assigned to lead the filling part of the programme. My tasks are ; the gimmick, the performance, Al Quran Recitation, the theme, and the corporate video. Huh, quite though you know!!!

The speech from dean of foundation studies centre ; PM.Dr Faridah

the gimmick show itself

the cutest gimmick made by Unit Pengisian...hehe

Me in the corporate shirt.Huh...quite expensive...but..never mind

the reading of pledge...huh...bravo2!!!

 line of the future leaders...reads the pledge will be remains in one day

Hah...times for a!very delicious!Thanz to Khairi for serving us the marvellous meals..hehe

the future in a saff

Enclosure ;
Thank God, after many efforts are devoted by each member of the committee, eventually we were all satisfied with the success of the event.
A smile etched on all our lips. Our gratitude goes to my friends who is willing to sacrifice time, money, and effort to ensure this event runs smoothly. May Allah accept all our efforts and regarded as good practice in the His side...Insyaallah