Thursday, May 12, 2011


Assalamualaikum readers, now I would like to tell you about my second experience to be as a panel in a talk which is organized by Kedah Matriculation College also known as KMK. My well-kown frenz ; Yusof who had  most resposibility about this!hehe...This talk is one of the event in a programme Muslim Soul Transformation Week over there. This programmed was organised by KMK's  Dakwah Action Council or we called it in Malay as "Majlis Tindakan Dakwah" Yusuf is the head of the organization. Did you know why I called this talk as the second experience?Now, let me to tell you. Long time ago, I have been the Usrah Leader in my secondary school. So, me and my friend had organized a programmed named "Badar Week". There were a lots of event such as Badar Chef, One Inspiration as Muslimah and others. So, I enrolled an talk but this is about love..."Bicara Cinta"...Wow!that's interseting..hehe

The talented pannelist ; Ainaa, Ramizah, Safwan, Me, and Ilham

 And I realized that, it's gonna be though when you talk unfortunately you don't do that...As we said, speak louder than action...But, in this pathway to be a good Muslim, I always remember Allah said ; 
"O ye who believe! Why did not you say what you do?

Most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not." (As Saff, 2-3)

I'm looking for a point...quite nervous.huhu

This talk is about "Syurga Seorang Anak".The child's heaven in on the mothers feet.Or as we said in arabic verse, "Al Jannah Tatha Aqdaami Al Ummahat"...The topic was very touching...So, before the talk, I called my mum and dad...I told them that I loved them so much. They were very happy to hear me will talking about them...I seek from Allah to forgive their sins...and love them as they loved me since I was a kid Ameen...Isk3

Ramizah is talking about why we should respect our parents?

Huh...that's all from me for this time. I guessed you will be wonder why I wrote this post in english rite???
I 'm just trying to make my English better than before. I want to be a capable one in this two language ; Arabic and english...Eventhough, my English is broken and not good compare to my lovely frenz , Raihan Earheart...He's good in English...Proud to know him..huhu..Ok, see you again..Salam Alaykum...